Make Your Own Scrabble

Who doesn’t love a good game of Scrabble?  I sure do!  I’ve taken Scrabble playing to a whole new level by making my own game board from scratch!  That’s right.  From decorative paper and cardboard.  It was one of my most lengthy projects, but it was worth every minute.I took a few bookmaking classes during college, and applied what I learned to this project!  Upon completing these classes, I somehow left with what were the makings for a clamshell box.  Everything was pre-cut, and I knew I had to construct something on my own.  Would I have the skills to do it all by myself?  What would happen if I made a grave mathematical error?  (These really do exist in bookmaking.)I decided to go for it.  I purchased a Scrabble game from a tag sale for $1.50, and took the pieces I would need: wooden tiles and two tile holders.  The tile pouch is courtesy of Anthropologie’s gift wrapping, and I found the cloth for the “board” while I was studying abroad in Ghana.  My final detail went into wrapping the pencil in the same decorative paper as the rest of the box.  I used spray glue to adhere the paper, which allowed the pencil and paper duo to be sharpened beautifully together.Have you ever made a game of your own?  Leave a comment if you have any questions!


7 thoughts on “Make Your Own Scrabble

  1. This is so beautiful! My mom and I share a love for Scrabble, and I would love to make this for her- I will add it to my growing to-do list 🙂

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