March is National Craft Month!

Did you know that crafting gets an entire national month to itself?  I didn’t.  According to the Craft & Hobby Association (which I also didn’t know existed), March is National Craft Month. This was the best news I heard all week!  The CHA has a very handy downloadable  calendar and tips sheet with ideas on how to participate in a creative month of crafting.  Be sure to also check out the Do It Yourself section of Scissors & Sage! and #cre8time are ways in which you can become involved in National Craft Month.  As stated in their slogan, “Reclaim your creativity,” #cre8time is all about taking time to work on projects that might be living at the bottom of every to-do list that you write.  Maybe this means you will #cre8time for cooking more often, or hand-writing a letter to a friend.  It could even mean taking time to grow a few indoor plants with the changing season.

For this project, I enlisted the help of fellow Creative Arts Therapy friends.  As graduate students, we easily lose sight of the beauty in our artistic mediums (art, music, and dance/movement).  My hope for this project was to spread awareness about the importance of establishing time for crafting and creating, especially for those who greatly value this practice.  Exercising our creativity juices is what keeps our batteries (mostly) charged!

What will you #cre8time for this month?

Note: Click images to view in slideshow.

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