Sharpie Easter Eggs


This Easter crafting project is one that requires two things: eggs and Sharpie markers.  While dyeing eggs may be the more traditional Easter activity, sometimes there just isn’t the time.  Let’s face it that holidays require so much preparation.  Between the cooking, the baking, the cleaning, and the entertaining, things fall to the wayside.  But with this easy craft project, designing Easter eggs does not have to be one of them!  It’s a project that is great for any age, and yields some pretty neat results.

To get started, hard boil your eggs.  Once the eggs have cooled to room temperature, gather any/all of your Sharpie markers and begin designing!  You can check Pinterest or Google Images for inspiration.  These eggs would look great with seasonal words drawn on them, or they could even act as place card alternatives for your Easter dinner table.


Which came first, the chick(en) or the egg?


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