Scissors & Sage Turns One!

That’s right, folks! Today marks Scissors & Sage’s 1st birthday.  While I take a minute here to figure out where exactly the time has gone, I thought I’d recap all that’s happened in this little corner of the blogosphere.  Milestones are always a nice time to give thought to the previous year.

Although I had contemplated starting a craft blog for some time, I was very hesitant to actually start one.  I didn’t want this project to be something that I would forget about a few months down the road, or that I would quickly lose interest in.  I was afraid that I would disappoint myself if I couldn’t live up to what I had envisioned.

Scissors & Sage was born right before my second year of graduate school.  I was in a Master’s program learning to become a music therapist, and we were constantly slammed with this term “self-care.”  It was my hope that this blog would channel my many non-music-related creative juices.  I decided that I would post once a week about different kinds of topics that interested me: DIY-ing and crafting, knitting, cooking and baking, interior design, and traveling, among other things.

I couldn’t have imagined how important Scissors & Sage would become to me since last September.  Wouldn’t I have run out of ideas already?  Apparently not, because I have about 40 different projects/ideas waiting for me in the notes section of my iPhone.  Here are some recent statistics for you:

Scissors & Sage has…

  • 80+ subscribers
  • 5,000+ views
  • 49 posts (this is the 50th!)
  • been viewed in over 50 countries around the world

Do you know what this means? It means that I wrote a blog post almost every week this year.  I stuck to my goal!  Here’s a cool map of the many places people have been checking out the site from:

Scissors & Sage has also established a social media presence.  Here are some places to check it out:

There have been many internal changes to Scissors & Sage over the past year.  For starters, there’s no more in the URL!  You can now type in www [dot] scissorsandsage [dot] com, as well as reach me via email at  This is big, people!  The site also has new and improved menu tabs up top, including Home, New Reader?, Archives, Contact, and Social.  Archives might be my favorite addition because it’s an easy way to see all of my past posts by category.  Finally, there is an updated sidebar to quickly display my recent posts, categories, tags, and Twitter feed.

Scissors & Sage has been recently featured in the Quail Hill Farm e-newsletter…

…as well as retweeted and favorited by Masterchef’s one and only Willie.

Scissors & Sage has received two Liebster Awards for new and upcoming blogs.

To say the least, I am incredibly proud of what this blog has become.  It helped keep me sane during a stressful final year of graduate school, and it has challenged me to think more creatively for myself and also my readers.  There are so many ways in which I can’t wait to make it even better.  For example, Scissors & Sage is awaiting its first-ever logo design.  I can’t wait to see the sketches!  I also am excited to welcome new contributors to the site (email me if you’re interested in featuring one of your latest creations!).

And lastly, I am thrilled to share that my sister has so generously let me borrow her DSLR camera.  I’m not sure if you all knew this, but the photos on my blog thus far have been taken with my iPhone.  It is my hope that this borrowed camera will help elevate Scissors & Sage in a whole new way.  So keep your eyes peeled for some nice photos in upcoming posts!

And with that, happy 1st birthday to Scissors & Sage!  Thank you all for reading this blog, commenting with your thoughts, sharing my posts, and trying my projects/recipes in your own homes.  I am truly grateful for your sustained participation in this little community.  Without it, I would have lost steam long ago.  Here’s to a successful 2nd year!


5 thoughts on “Scissors & Sage Turns One!

  1. What ever your subject, it’s always a pleasure to read and learn. Even though I don’t cook…You might get me to try?? Keep on blogging mulu

    • It’s me mom on dad’s iPad! You never cease to amaze us……I look so forward to every entry and can’t wait for more of your creative juices :)!
      xoxo mom

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