Scissors & Sage Updates!

Hello, blog readers!

Scissors & Sage has gone through some very exciting changes this week — all in hopes of creating a more streamlined, easy-to-access blog!  Here’s what’s new:

  1. You can now find this blog at: — Hooray!
  2. You can now email me at: — Wahoo!
  3. Scissors & Sage is now on TWITTER!  This is a big one, folks.  I had never even looked at Twitter until yesterday, let alone understand how to tweet at people or why the heck hashtags matter in life.  I have already been suspended from my account twice.  Twice.  Clearly, I need some guidance on the subject.

Stay tuned for a Twitter-related contest!  I am trying to increase my number of readers, subscribers, and hits on this blog…so I can use all of the publicity I can get!

Six-Month Recap & Liebster Award

Today marks Scissors & Sage’s six-month birthday!  Time flies when you’re having fun.  When I started this blog in September, I had many thoughts on what I wanted it to become, but I was not sure I had the time, energy, or creativity to build upon my ideas.  Little did I know that Scissors & Sage would become one of my favorite self-care activities.  This experience, so far, has surpassed all expectations.  To date, Scissors & Sage has been viewed in 29 countries around the world and has over 3,500 views and 60+ followers.

This past January, Scissors & Sage was nominated for a Liebster Award, the purpose of which is to recognize up-and-coming blogs.  Blogger Sarah Linda of Daisychains and Dreamers posted the following about my blog:

You all know I love a good DIY project and Vic has a bundle! From upcycling to knitting and baking, Victoria is a thrifty gal who’s right up my street!

Receiving this Liebster Award allowed me to make acquaintances many miles away.  In Scissors & Sage’s brief but meaningful existence, I have been able to share my crafting hobby while also inviting others to join me in the process.  Below is a recap of some of my posts over the last six months.  Thank you all for reading this blog, and to those who have contributed your hard work and creativity!

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Thrifting With: Anne Kenealy

Lemon-Blueberry Yogurt Cake

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Lemon Ricotta Cookies