Scissors & Sage Updates!

Hello, blog readers!

Scissors & Sage has gone through some very exciting changes this week — all in hopes of creating a more streamlined, easy-to-access blog!  Here’s what’s new:

  1. You can now find this blog at: — Hooray!
  2. You can now email me at: — Wahoo!
  3. Scissors & Sage is now on TWITTER!  This is a big one, folks.  I had never even looked at Twitter until yesterday, let alone understand how to tweet at people or why the heck hashtags matter in life.  I have already been suspended from my account twice.  Twice.  Clearly, I need some guidance on the subject.

Stay tuned for a Twitter-related contest!  I am trying to increase my number of readers, subscribers, and hits on this blog…so I can use all of the publicity I can get!

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