Flip Clock Screen Saver e-DIY

For years, I have seen this black and white flip clock screen saver all over Pinterest. I searched my computer’s settings high and low for this screen saver. Where could it be? I thought. I gave up after some time, thinking it was just something I would never figure out. It haunted me because every cool blogger and interior designer seemed to have this screen saver. It makes photos of your desk look so much cooler.

A few months ago, I decided to dive back into this screen-saver-finding quest. Lo and behold, another blogger, Katrina Chambers, wrote a tutorial on how to download and install it! It’s quite easy once you know where to find it, so let me walk you through how I did it in under five minutes.

Flip Clock Screen Saver e-DIY (for Mac user*)

  1. Visit Fliqlo and click the three little lines in the top right corner of the webpage. Click “Download for Mac.” Close your Internet browser.
  2. Open the downloaded “fliqlo_161.dmg” icon, which should either be on your computer desktop or in your Downloads folder. Double click “Fliqlo.saver” and press “OK” if it cannot be opened due to security preferences.
  3. Open System Preferences on your computer and click “Security & Privacy.” Click “Open Anyway” and then “Install.”
  4. When the screen saver page opens in System Preferences, scroll down and click the “Fliqlo” icon. Click “Screen Saver Options…” to adjust settings like digit size and 12- vs. 24-hour clock.
  5. Once you are finished, you can move the downloaded items to the trash, as they are no longer needed!

*For Windows users, follow Katrina’s tutorial here. The steps vary slightly.


That’s all there is to it! You can also download the flip clock for your iPhone and iPad from the App Store here. Now go forth and get this screen saver! It is sure to liven up any workspace.


7 thoughts on “Flip Clock Screen Saver e-DIY

  1. So great for your computer! Glad this helped me find it for my work laptop!

    DO NOT download the phone app though – it doesn’t work as a screensaver. It simply just tells you the time, when you open it.

  2. Love this for my computer! So glad you helped me find it for my work laptop 🙂

    DO NOT download for your phone however. It is a 99 cent app that does not work as a screensaver, like intended. It just tells you the time when the app is open.

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