100th Blog Post & GIVEAWAY!

I thought I’d celebrate my 100th blog post (!!!) and the end of summer with a giveaway. It’s thanks to you readers that I continue to enjoy blogging about my various projects, so it’s high time for me to give back! I’ve been a bit MIA this summer between our trip to Greece and moving to a new apartment in Philly. All of our belongings have been in boxes for what feels like weeks now. I’m still trying to pin down my crafting supplies and baking ingredients. They’re here somewhere…

For this giveaway, I’ve teamed up with Sticky9 once again. I absolutely love this company. (Click here to see my last giveaway with them in January.) Their printed matte photos are high-quality, and who doesn’t like to physically hold pictures these days? It’s a rarity, and it’s a shame. I’ve combatted that by creating a DIY memory game using our photos from Greece.

My favorite part of this project is that you can use photos from any kind of life event, trip, or celebration. You can create the game for yourself, or give it to someone special. The photos could be of a special birthday, a newly engaged couple, a vacation, a beloved pet or child, you name it. Plus, this game is well-suited for most anyone–from a young child to a grandparent.

Anne and I have been loving our game because it brings back so many great memories. The supplies and game rules are simple, so let’s get to it.

DIY Photo Memory Game


  • 13 unique photographs, each printed twice
  • 1 title photo to represent the game*

*Sticky9 Square Prints come in sets of 27. This is perfect: 13 photos (2x) + one extra for the title photo.

Rules (for two players):

  1. Turn all photos upside down on the floor. Scatter the pairs randomly to create either a grid (easier) or a collage (harder) of photos.
  2. The first player turns over two cards at random. If they don’t match, turn them back over for the second player’s turn. If they do match, put them to the side and play again. Continue your turn until you turn over two cards that do not match.
  3. Continue playing until no cards remain. The person with the most matched sets wins.
  4. Optional:  Play best of three to determine who will wash dishes after dinner, walk the dog early in the morning, or do the laundry next.

Like I said, this game is great for anyone. It can help children learn (especially if it’s pictures of them growing up), and it’s wonderful for adults and older adults to practice those working memory skills. Most importantly, it’s plain old fun!

One lucky winner will win a set of Sticky9 Square Prints to make their own DIY memory game. It’d be perfect for the next time you have friends over for drinks or host a game night. Help me celebrate my 100th post on Scissors & Sage, the end of summer, and YOU!

To enter, leave a comment below telling me what photos you’d use for your memory game. Let me know! I’ll email the randomly-selected winner on Monday, September 21st.

Happy commenting!

PS) Can’t wait to find out if you’ve won?  Visit Sticky9 now to pick out your very own Square Prints or one of their other awesome products!

Sticky9 Square Prints & GIVEAWAY!

I know how it goes.  You spend all this time taking wonderful pictures (hundreds, maybe thousands!), and you don’t have a thing to show for your hard work.  Instead, they are sitting on your computer somewhere off in la la land.  I’ve been there and, truthfully, I am usually still there. It’s heartbreaking, really.  I love going through printed photos from my childhood simply because they’re something I can hold onto.  Is anyone else with me on this?

Today, I am here to tell you that there is hope.  I have teamed up with the fantastic crew behind Sticky9 to share with you one way I have recently used their Square Prints.  If you’re not familiar with Sticky9, they are a London-based business whose mission is to turn digital content into fun and tangible objects like magnets, phone cases, prints, and calendars.  In other words, a dream come true!

The best part?  This post comes to you with a GIVEAWAY!  More on that later, though… First, I want to show you my closet!  A Beautiful Mess posted my picture below on their Instagram feed, and it received more than 5,400 likes — yippee!

I would consider my closet to be quite ordinary.  Our apartment has very little closet space, so it can get kind of hairy in there sometimes.  In order to spruce things up a bit in my closet, I decided to order myself a set of Sticky9’s Square Prints.  It’s a fantastic deal: 27 premium matte prints for $16.99 (free shipping worldwide).  I may have screeched when my package arrived.

Going into this project, I already knew what I wanted my final product to look like: a colorful, memory-filled surprise every time I opened my closet.  Now, I spend more time gazing at my pictures than I do getting dressed.  Oops.

Here’s what I used for this project:

Before you start hanging, take a few minutes to spread your photos out on the floor.  Figure out what order you want to arrange the photos in, and how much space you’ll need between each.  I also took this time to write on the back of each photo in pencil.  I wanted to remember why these specific pictures were so important to me.

To hang your photo display, place your first two thumbtacks on the inside of your closet door at equal heights (I eyeballed mine).  Take the hemp string and tie a knot around the first thumbtack.  Pull it taut and tie another knot to the second thumbtack.  Double check that the string is level.  Clip on your first four photos!  (You’ll notice that the string will dip in the middle — this is normal!)

Repeat this process five more times, spacing each row about five inches below the previous thumbtacks.  Then, admire your work!  It’s that simple.

And now for the fun part: a GIVEAWAY!  One lucky reader will win their own set of premium matte prints, courtesy of Sticky9.  HOW COOL, RIGHT?!

Here’s how to enter:

  • Comment on this post with how you would use these Square Prints.
  • Follow Scissors & Sage using the email sign up in the sidebar to earn one additional entry under your name.
  • If you already follow Scissors & Sage, say so in your comment to earn both entries.

The giveaway is open until Friday, January 23rd at midnight EST, so get to work!  The winner will be contacted directly after the 23rd.

Can’t wait to find out if you’ve won?  Visit Sticky9 now to pick out your very own Square Prints or one of their other awesome products!

PRODUCTS & MATERIALS FROM: Sticky9Jo-Ann Fabric, and A Beautiful Mess App