Day Trip: terrain

Last weekend, local home and garden center terrain hosted a holiday open house.  I’ve been feeling my holiday juices begin to flow a bit early this year, and terrain did not disappoint.  Not only is it a home and garden center, it is a restaurant, cafe, and event venue.  Anne and I took her visiting parents to go see what this holiday hoo-ha was all about.  It’s a good thing we went early in the day – the place was full of hipsters by noon!

There is magic in the air at terrain, and your crafting/gardening senses will leave feeling full and refreshed (and very, very eager).  The trip was thoroughly enjoyed by all.  A few items we brought home include a beautiful, vibrant red poinsettia (thanks, Janet & Dave!), succulents, and Christmas gifts for those-who-shall-not-be-named.

To anyone in the Philadelphia area: I urge you to check out terrain this holiday season.  The store is chock full o’ gifts and inspirations!

Note: Click images to view in slideshow.


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