Fall Music Playlist

It’s been quite some time since I’ve shared a playlist on Scissors & Sage.  On Friday, I left you with a Picking Favorites to send you off into your weekend.  Now, I’m here to help ease your way back into the work week with some music!

I’ve been listening to some great tunes lately, both in person and through my headphones.  Anne and I went to WXPN’s 3-day music festival this summer and had the time of our lives.  It was just the musical reawakening that I needed.  Some artists on this mix played at the festival (see: The Districts, Lake Street Dive, and Lucius), and others I’ve been listening to on the radio.

Jeff Tweedy and his son Spencer collaborated for their first Tweedy record, Sukierae.  Their music video for “Low Key” is pretty fantastic, and has cameos from Melissa McCarthy, Conan O’Brien and Andy Richter, Mavis Staples, Steve Albini, Chance the Rapper, and Wilco’s drummer, Glenn Kotche.  Jeff Tweedy also wrote “You’re Not Alone” for Mavis Staples in 2010 (track 7).  Watch them play it together here.

Lucius is a band that I’ve been seriously enjoying recently.  The two frontwomen match both their outfits and their voices impeccably.  You’ll never hear one singing without the other, as they’re either in harmony or in unison.  I can’t seem to get enough of them.  Good thing they sing backup vocals on Sukierae, too!

“‘Cause In Better Light, Everything Changes”

  1. Holocene – Bon Iver
  2. Funeral Beds – The Districts
  3. Better Than – Lake Street Dive
  4. Low Key – Tweedy
  5. Don’t Just Sit There – Lucius
  6. Saturday’s Song – Hiss Golden Messenger
  7. You’re Not Alone – Mavis Staples
  8. Kentucky, I – Molly Parden
  9. Destination – Nickel Creek
  10. Rainbow – Robert Plant
  11. Bluebird – Corinne Bailey Rae
  12. Two Of Us On The Run – Lucius

Picking Favorites

Happy Friday, everyone!  Have anything fun planned for this weekend?  Here is my second installment of Picking Favorites to hopefully send you off into your weekend on a relaxed, stress-free note!

As fall really sets in and the weather continues to drop, I can’t help but fantasize about being in the countryside.  When all is said and done, I think it’s where I belong.  I’m googley-eyed over this barn from A Complete Life.  I could walk the property with one of these cups in hand, sipping a warm drink and taking in the beautiful scenery.  (These cups are from PRESERVE, Blake Lively’s new online marketplace.  Each cup is handmade, and no two are the same.)  When I finish my drink, I could settle into a knitting project with some of Rachel Duvall‘s hand-dyed organic indigo fiber.  I can see it all now!

I’m a believer in less is more, and these ceramic bowls from WAGOKORO are dreamy to say the least.  The color palette of these cotton scarves from enhabiten lends itself nicely to fall clothing.  Mustard yellow is such a fantastic color, but it’s always so hard for me to pull off with blonde hair.  And with these whimsical, dreamy red berries from Moods of the Moon, I am reminded that the holidays are around the corner.  I am so excited to celebrate Thanksgiving with Anne’s family and Christmas with mine!  We have a lot to be thankful for, and I am looking forward to the family time.

Who would have thought to use the bottom of a crystal glass to make an elegant cookie mold?  They look like different kinds of snowflakes, and could make a perfect Christmas cookie!  While I can’t find the source of this picture, this baking project is definitely on my list of things to try.  These last two pictures are showing me just how powerful the color green can be, especially this time of year.  Green and white pair so nicely together.  This sweater picture from Old Man Sea evokes the countryside and all-things natural, and Matt and Lentil Purbrick’s living room brings that woody feeling indoors in a relaxed, well-styled way.

Check out my first installment of Picking Favorites here if you missed it, and stay tuned for more favorites to come!

An Afternoon at Petit Jardin en Ville

Today I would like to share with you all Scissors & Sage’s very first small business profile.  I chose a small business that I am continuously drawn to: Petit Jardin en Ville.  This “little garden in the city” can be found tucked away in Philadelphia’s Old City neighborhood, and it instantly transports you to Paris.  Claudia Roux, Parisian florist and garden designer, is the owner of this magical storefront.  She offers her floral design services for weddings, special events, parties, restaurants, and hotels, as well as her garden services for your every garden need year-round.

When I contacted Claudia to see if she would be interested in having her small business profiled on Scissors & Sage, she was delighted.  I couldn’t wait to head over to Petit Jardin for an afternoon.  From the minute you walk in, your senses are fed.  Beautiful flowers, found objects, gardening tools, and whimsical French music fill the space.  Claudia, with the help of her French-born husband, Vincent, assist customers both in and out of the shop.  (I have personally received two flower deliveries at my front door from Vincent — what a happy sight!)

Claudia sat down with me and spoke of her journey to Petit Jardin en Ville, and below are some segments from our conversation.  At the end of my visit, Claudia, Vincent, and I clinked apple tart slices to celebrate Petit Jardin.  This shop, first opened in May 2014, has quickly won the way to my heart.  I am excited to share Claudia’s story with you all today.  Be sure to check out Petit Jardin en Ville online (Official Website | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook) or stop by in person!

From Claudia: After I met my husband, and right before we got married, I moved to France.  We were living in Paris.  I had always been artistic and had worked with florals, but I really didn’t find my path until I moved there.  Flowers are part of the culture in France, so I started to take horticultural classes.  I worked very closely with my teacher, Catherine Muller, who was the protégé of Christian Tutora.  I studied with Catherine for the five years that I lived in Paris.  I still continue to take classes with her now.  Her aesthetic is very similar to mine.  It’s a very garden-y kind of style that I like a lot.  France is a mixture of old and new, which really brings an interesting aesthetic.  It’s where I gained my understanding of combining both of those.


My husband and I spent a lot of time in different regions in France [collecting found items].  For example, in Bordeaux, you can find old metal grape pickers with leather straps that you would throw the grapes in as you picked.  A lot of the areas we go to are in the countryside.  We find a lot of farm pieces, which really appeal to my aesthetic, too.  We like to go and find things that others haven’t found yet.  We do bring some city-type things such as a parking sign and original advertisements from the 1940s.  Of course, I choose many things that I can put flowers in, like bottles and glasses, to evoke a feeling of a relaxed, carefree atmosphere that you find in the countryside where people spend so much time outside.


Philadelphia as a whole has changed over the years.  When we were looking at spaces, we kept coming back to Old City.  We wanted to be part of a neighborhood, and to emulate the spaces you would find in Paris.  Those spaces tend to be small and have a very special kind of dark feeling.  The flowers bring the light to the inside.  You know, I came from the suburbs where everything is big.  When we moved to Paris, there were so many things that I left behind that I realized I didn’t need.  You can live so beautifully and simply by just editing what you already have.  It enabled me to see a different way of life, and I love small spaces now.


Blogs are really important for people like me to get feelings from.  I look for interesting blogs that have a little bit of my aesthetic but also bring something different.  If you’re doing different kinds of projects, it’s always super interesting to me.  I love everything that you can do with your hands.  The more you do, and the more you create, the more people will see.


If you have a really great idea, go with it.  Don’t second-guess yourself; don’t hesitate.  If you really like it, and if you can spend the time with it, it shows to other people and they will like it.  In retrospect, I would have tried to start earlier and not be so afraid to start something new.


DIY Leaf Flowers

Three years ago, I read an interesting guest blog post on Design*Sponge by artist Kate Pruitt.  She took autumn leaves and transformed them into a beautiful bouquet of flowers.  How did she do it?  I was sure to find out.  Living on a breathtaking college campus in upstate New York at the time, I walked the campus to find fallen leaves.  It was such a fun project that I decided to make it again for you here today.  It’s the perfect time of year to be collecting leaves of all shapes, sizes, and colors — ingredients to surely make a beautiful arrangement!


  • 15 or so leaves per flower (dry and freshly fallen)
  • Thin, straight sticks (one per flower)
  • Washi tape

The first time that I made these flowers, I used maple leaves and followed Kate’s instructions more closely.  This season, it has been quite difficult finding rich, red leaves in Philadelphia.  I adapted my folding technique to work with these pretty yellow leaves I collected.  Above are step-by-step picture instructions on how to fold and create your own flowers.

This is one DIY project where I wished I had three hands.  It can become difficult as you add more “petals” to your flower to hold them, fold them, and then place the stick in the center of the bunch to begin taping it.  My third yellow flower completely fell out of my hand when I began taping it to the stick, so I started over.  If it becomes frustrating, take a break and go make some tea.  The end results are completely worth it!

Below is a picture of my red leaf flowers three years ago.  They kept their red color and dried beautifully.  My housemates and I enjoyed them on our dining table for about three months!

What are you making this season?  Share your fall DIY creations on Instagram with #scissorsandsage.

Picking Favorites

It feels like one of those wrap-yourself-up-in-a-blanket-on-the-couch kind of fall days.  I thought I’d take a few minutes to share some things I’ve been enjoying around the web recently.  For starters, this picture of Paris in autumn from Alesia-Jasmine takes my breath away.  You would think that after many fun trips this summer, I would be itching to hunker down while the seasons change.  Alas, I’ve caught the travel bug yet again.

As the temperatures cool, though, I can begin to turn up the heat in my kitchen again.  Natalie over at Food Fetish has an excellent tutorial on how to make your own beet pasta.  I can’t wait to give this a try.  And that avocado hummus from Jaclyn at Cooking Classy has my heart singing!

The changing seasons means that more layers, shoes, and weather-related accessories begin to show up in your entryway.  Elsie’s mudroom organization project on A Beautiful Mess is a cute, rustic, and indeed organized way to house all kinds of items — right up my alley!  I especially love those clipped photos up top.

While I’m not a die-hard Halloween fan, I can appreciate a good DIY project or themed treat.  Those cute pumpkins with bat wings from Trendenser seem super easy to whip up.  I’d imagine that taping toothpicks to the back of the black construction paper would be a great way to insert the wings into the pumpkin.  Top it off by Sharpie-ing your dinner guests’ names on the pumpkins and you’ll have the perfect alternative place cards for a spooky gathering.

Who isn’t a fan of using one item two different ways?  These ghost cookies from Michelle at Make Me Cake Me are actually made with a tulip cookie cutter turned upside-down!  Genius in my book.

And finally, let’s talk about these mysterious yet amazing-looking dark chocolate zucchini cake waffles.  Jonathan from The Candid Appetite whipped these up.  The second I live in an apartment with a kitchen larger than a shoebox, I am investing in a waffle maker.  For now, we must stick to making pancakes in our cast-iron pan.

The transition from summer to fall is one that I greatly enjoy.  I love the slowly changing wardrobe, the time spent in the kitchen, and bundling up for a good movie or TV show.  It also means I can start looking at yarn again (something I cannot bring myself to do in the heat of summer).  I love this article on why you should knit.  I’ve already got two projects going, plus one I finished in early spring that I’ve yet to share here!

Stay tuned for more posts in my new “Picking Favorites” series.  I am hoping to feature more work from other blogs and websites as a way of sharing my inspirations here on Scissors & Sage.